Yorkhill Housing Association Limited
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Keeping in Touch

We need basic contact and ownership information to provide an effective property management service:

  • property owner's name and address
  • email / telephone details

Our Factoring Privacy Statement explains in detail how we use, store and dispose of your personal information.

Every year the Association has to deal with at least two situations where access to a flat has to be forced because the occupant is not at home during a fire or flood or has not been seen for a while by concerned friends or neighbours. People who live alone are particularly vulnerable.

In an emergency, it is very useful if we can provide police or fire service with contact details on your behalf, for example family members or friends that have keys to your home. If you are going to be away from home for a prolonged period we would suggest you let the Association know in case your absence is reported by anxious residents.

Emergency contact details are strictly confidential and never passed on to anyone other than the emergency services.