Yorkhill Housing Association Limited
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Our Property Management Team

The key responsibilities of the Property Management Team include:
  • Administration of common repairs and investment works on behalf of owners
  • Implementation of planned and cyclical programmes
  • Preparation of tender documentation, appointment and monitoring of contractors
  • Property inspections, site supervision and estate management
  • Arrangement of block buildings insurance for all properties
  • Lodging and administering insurance claims
  • Preparation and issue of factoring invoices
  • Processing factoring payments and arrears control
  • Arrangement of and attendance at owners' meetings

In addition to the specialist property management section, most of the staff team contribute to the factoring service on a regular basis providing reception, phone, estate management and general administration services.

Our team members are:

Robert Calvert, Property Services Manager

Jaqueline Stirling, Factoring Manager

Kenny Davidson, Property Services Officer

Scott Kerr, Property Services Officer

Michelle Muirhead, Senior Property Services Assistant

Natalie Tobin, Factoring Assistant