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Common Repairs

Common repairs may arise from day to day (reactive), may be planned on a regular basis (cyclical) or may be planned as a one-off project (major/investment)

Day to day common repairs can be reported to the Association by phone, in person at the office or by email. You can also request a repair via our web site.

Some repair examples:

Reactive                               Cyclical                              Investment                  
faulty door entry system close painting door entry system upgrades
leaking roof gutter cleaning major roof works
broken close tile landscaping gutter replacements

More information about reactive repair categories is included witihin the Maintenance section of this website.


Reactive common repairs are defined by three levels:

Emergency: Immediate or imminent danger to life or property

Our target time for emergency repairs to be attended and made safe is 4 hours. Examples of emergency common repairs would be: Flooding from burst pipes or severe storms, Falling or loose masonry

Urgent: Risk or significant inconvenience to health or security

We aim to have urgent repairs completed within 48 hours of receiving  the repair request. Examples of urgent common repairs would be: Water penetration from roof, Close door entry system not working

Routine: Any reactive repair that is not emergency or urgent

Our target time for completion of a routine repair is three working days after we have been told about it   Examples of routine common repairs would be: Broken lock on binstore or repair to stairhead window cord.

The Association may instruct common repairs on behalf of owners without prior consultation provided the value of the work will not exceed the level stipulated on your property’s factoring agree

Cyclical Maintenance 

Cyclical (also known as Planned) Maintenance works are carried out by Yorkhill Housing Association at regular intervals to maintain and protect your property from falling into disrepair.

Examples of these types of works and frequency are:

Main Roof Gutter Cleaning         Annual   
Binstore Gutter Cleaning     Annual
Lift Maintenance (where applicable)   Periodic visits
Attic Tank Cleaning      5 Yearly
Painting of Common Closes/Areas   7 Yearly
Servicing/Certification of Roof Anchors   Annual
Gas Servicing where owners opt in   Annual

Any of the above common or cyclical works with costs in excess of the limit on owners' factoring agreements are discussed and agreed with owners in advance.

The Association has a robust open tendering procedure to ensure that we obtain best value for our owners and tenants when arranging service contracts and major repairs. We also participate in appropriate framework agreements where stringent value and quality checks are undertaken before a contract is awarded.