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Changing the Factor

Yorkhill Housing Association works hard to provide a cost effective responsive factoring service to owners. We are committed to ensuring the best quality and value to our residents within the resources available to us and hope to continue our role as local Factor for many years to come.

However, we fully appreciate that circumstances may arise in individual properties where it is no longer appropriate for the Association to remain as the factor. This could be because the owners wish to appoint another registered factor or because the Association has reason to wish to terminate its service provision.

Each Deed of Conditions describes how the factor should be appointed. Individual Deeds may vary slightly, but generally a meeting of all owners must be arranged with a minimum of seven days written notice. At the meeting, the proposals for change will be discussed and considered. If a majority of owners are in agreement with the option of appointing a new factor, a handover date will be agreed with the Association. The new appointment would normally commence twenty eight days following the decision.

If Yorkhill Housing Association decides it no longer wishes to continue to provide factoring services to your property, we will call a meeting of the owners concerned to explain why. We will give the owners twenty eight days written notice of our decision and if we can, will provide alternative options for the owners to consider.