Yorkhill Housing Association Limited
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Investment Works

In addition to core services, the Association will administer major common repair projects. Arrangements for such projects will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the property's Deed of Conditions. Prior consent from a majority of owners within the property is required before contracts of this nature are arranged unless the repairs are undertaken as a result of a local authority order.

There will be a fee charged for the Association's project management services which will be clearly advised to owners prior to works being instructed. This is normally 10% of the contract value.

Where the Association has to instruct external surveys for technical or safety reasons, owners will pay their apportioned share of the survey costs.

Our project management services include:

  • Pre-contract surveys and inspections by YHA staff
  • YHA attendance at pre-contract meetings with contractors / consultants
  • Liaison with owners through correspondence, email or letters
  • Site supervision / contractor monitoring
  • Preparation and issue of tender documents
  • Liaison as appropriate with local authority departments
  • Checking tender returns and contract appointments
  • Snagging and post contract inspections
  • Digital photography / reporting

Examples of major works projects include:

  • Roof upgrades / renewals
  • Stone repairs
  • Cupola replacements
  • Gutter renewals