Yorkhill Housing Association Limited
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Rent Charges

Rent is the Association’s main source of income and pays for repairs, services, investment works and insurances.

All rents are due in advance on the 28th day of every month.

Rent levels are set according to an amenity scale, so larger flats or those with dining kitchens will be more expensive than properties with galley kitchens or very small bedrooms.

We normally review rent charges once a year, consulting tenants on increase proposals during December or January. Increases are normally implemented on 28th March.

Service Charges

Close cleaner 1All tenants pay the basic rent charge.  Some tenants receive additional services and they are calculated separately although you may pay basic rent and services together.

For mainstream tenants, the most common service charge is for stair cleaning.
Your annual notification of rent increase will explain any combination of rent and service charge that may apply to your property.

Tenants in the retirement housing complex pay a range of services charges to cover communal costs. These are fully explained at the application stage.