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Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange may provide a solution if you are unlikely to be offered a transfer within a reasonable timeframe.

A mutual exchange is a ‘swap’ between two YHA tenants or a YHA tenant and a tenant of another social landlord. Although the Association will not unreasonably withhold consent to an exchange, certain conditions apply.

  • Both tenants must consent and if appropriate, their partners.Yorkhill Parade
  • All landlords involved must formally approve the exchange and agree dates of entry
  • The properties are ‘taken as seen’
  • The household sizes must be compatible with the landlords’ policies on occupancy
  • Rent accounts must be clear
  • Yorkhill Housing Association will not approve an exchange where either party is involved in legal action as a result of anti-social behaviour or any other breach of tenancy conditions

Yorkhill Housing Association has a mutual exchange register which contains details of tenants within and outwith Yorkhill looking for a swap. For more information or to lodge your own request on the register, contact a member of the Housing Management team or complete the Mutual Exchange Form and return it to the office.