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What Does The Warden Do?

staff carolanne 2011 cpThe warden has a wide and varied role.

Some examples of her duties are:

  • Daily ‘rollcall and check- up’ of all residents

  • Administration of emergency first aid

  • Collecting prescriptions

  • Liaising with other agencies

  • Arranging social events

  • Banking and book-keeping for resident committees

  • Promoting residents’ well being

  • Preparing guest rooms

  • Supervision of fire drills

What Does The Warden Not Do?

There are a number of tasks that the warden does not do, and in some cases is absolutely forbidden for safety reasons to undertake.

The warden does not:

  • Administer medication (she can remind the tenant that medication is due)

  • Carry out nursing care

  • Carry out personal care

  • Lift or move a tenant

  • Perform domestic chores

  • Advise on tenancy matters

  • Provide financial advice or handle a tenant’s personal finances

  • Disclose personal information about any resident to another non-authorised person

An important part of the warden’s role is to make sure that all relevant details about each tenant is recorded and kept up to date. This includes contact information for family members and doctors, medical conditions and any additional services provided to the tenant by external organisations.   These files (Personal Plans) are highly confidential and only made available to authorised persons.

Even family members must have the tenant’s permission to view a Plan.