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Rent Charges

There are three elements to the sheltered housing rent structure:

Basic Rent

Image garden 46ONSThe basic rent charges for sheltered housing accommodation are calculated on the same basis as rent assessments for mainstream housing. The size and amenities of each property are used to calculate the annual rent level. This income is then used to cover the costs of providing maintenance and management services. So, your rent helps to pay for all repairs, all upgrading and renewal works, building insurance, staff time and the Association's operating costs. The basic rent charge does not include housing support costs or services.

The basic rent charges are eligible for Housing Benefit.

Housing Support Costs

The cost of the Housing Support services are mostly covered by a grant from Glasgow City Council. This grant is paid to the Association on behalf of all residents. The cost of these services is therefore not eligible for Housing Benefit.

Housing Support services include the Warden costs, the Alarm service and cleaning of communal areas.

Over the years, the grant level has remained the same while costs have increased. Tenants are now required to contribute £3 per week towards the alarm service. This is charged by and paid to Glasgow City Council. In other local authority areas, supported housing costs charged directly to tenants are much higher. It is possible that Glasgow City Council will review their support grant levels in the future.  

The difference between the grant and the actual cost of providing the Housing Support service has been subsidised by the Association in recent years.

Service Costs

Due to the communal nature of the complex there are several service costs charged to residents. These service costs vary from year to year and are eligible for Housing Benefit.

The Association pays the service costs as they arise and recovers the money from the tenants the following year through the monthly rent.

The main service charges are:

  • common utility bills
  • lift servicing and maintenance
  • laundry equipment servicing and maintenance
  • fire alarm maintenance and equipment
  • door entry systems servicing and maintenance
  • water rates
  • gas servicing and boiler maintenance
  • provision for furniture and fixture renewal

Tenants are provided with a breakdown of services and costs annually.