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Glasgow City Council Information & Services


Glasgow  City Council

Customer Care Team, City   Chambers

Glasgow G2 1DU

T: 0141 287 2000

W: www.glasgow.gov.uk



Noise Team

For noise from commercial premises.

T: 0141 287   1060 (5pm - 3am)

For noisy neighbours

T: 0141 287   6688 (5pm - 3am)

E: public.health@glasgow.gov.uk

E: OOHU@eps.glasgow.gov.uk  (Out   of Hours)

Pest Control

T: 0141 287 1059

E: LES-PestControl@glasgow.gov.uk


Bulk Uplift

T: 0141 287 9700 (Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 3pm)

Bulk Uplift Procedure

Glasgow Ciity Council provides a Bulky Waste Collection service.  The service is chargeable and charges were introduced on 5 July 2021. Bulky Waste is items that you wish to dispose of that do not fit into your wheeled bin.

Should you have any bulk items that require to be picked up you should put them out in the backcourt.  Please do not block access to the bins or put bulk items in the binstore. 

You should then contact Glasgow City Council using this link to request a collection which can take up to 20 working days.  If bulk is not collected within the timescale given by Glasgow City Council, residents should contact them again.

Residents who cannot access the internet can phone 0141 287 9700 on Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 3pm to place a request.

Please note that only items reported will be lifted by the cleansing department. 

Further information can be found on Glasgow City Council website – www.glasgow.gov.uk