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Below are some examples of complaints received during 2016-17.

Housing Management

HM1.  May 2016 from tenant: Tenant advised that the close cleaners had not washed the stairs but had swept them only. YHA staff contacted the close cleaning supervisor who recalled his staff to carry out the clean. Contractor advised to ensure work is carried out correctly & 'right first time'. Complaint upheld (Stage 1).

HM2.  August 2016 from tenant: Tenant dissatisfied that the food waste bins were not cleaned by YHA. Tenant was advised that the bins were the responsibility of Glasgow City Council cleansing department, however, cleaning the bins was not a service that was offered, either by the council or YHA.  (Stage 1)


M1.May 2016 from tenant: Contractor failed to turn up to carry out planned electrical inspection, tenant had waited in at home all day. Recalled contractor who had attended at the wrong address by mistake. Apologies to tenant concerned. Complaint upheld (Stage 1)

M2. November 2016 from tenant: Contractor refused to lift tenants flooring when attending to fix a leaking radiator(Stage 1). Contractor contacted by senior staff and reminded of standards of conduct required by YHA & the terms of their contract. Tenant received an apology. No further complaints.


F1. April 2016 from private owner: Dog fouling in back court and rubbish not being disposed of correctly, attracting vermin. Complaint upheld (Stage1). All residents contacted and contractor appointed to sweep, clear & disinfect the area.

F2. May 2016 from private owner: Complaint of slabs being uneven outside of building causing a trip hazard. Area inspected by YHA and contractor appointed to rectify. Area being regularly monitored to check slabs. Complaint upheld (Stage 1).

Service Improvements

As a result of previous complaints received the Association has appointed new contractors for close cleaning and gas servicing.

We also revised our housing application forms to make sure applicants' instructions about contact and communication were very clear.

Our estate management inspection processes have been reviewed to improve record keeping.

Staff attended refresher training on customer care.

Complaint Handling Procedure records are maintained by all sections and monthly reports are submitted to the Chief Executive.